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eden retread c/o jon r. luini
23465 belaire court
los gatos, ca 95030
(408) 353-4525
E-mail: eden-retread-info@klinzhai.iuma.com

Eden Retread current line up:

We still have quite a few copies available of our self produced CD entitled mischievous bourgeois zoo mind theives. Cost is $5 for eight original songs recorded at lovely PineForest studios in Aptos, CA. Primary equipment was two Alesis ADAT digital recorders.

  1. Sugardaddy
  2. That's It, I Quit
  3. M.C.D.S.
  4. Rise
  5. Grab What You Have
  6. Warren Beatty
  7. Ain't Fakin'
  8. Cool Cat Jamn
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