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SAN FRANCISCO--Solana Records announces The Mudkats' second release on compact disc, "Play Terrapin Station", featuring a full-length version of the epic Grateful Dead song. Recording of this project started the day after the death of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, and took just under four months to complete. The Mudkats version features guest performances by several talented Bay Area musicians, including Allen Whitman of The Mermen, Peter Todd of The Cardiff Reefers, Tracy Blackman, Rusty Gunn of Carnival Dogs, and Rick Ordin of The Grain. The disc also includes three other songs; a Limeliters song called "Western Wind", and two new original songs, "Secret 33" and "My Foot's Asleep." The former includes vocal performances by Julie Paiva and Dana Jensen of Nuts, as well as a flute solo by Norbert Statchel who appears courtesy of Lake Street Records.

The Mudkats offer an ambitious yet playful version of "Terrapin Station" with this EP, to be followed up by their second full-length album by the end of 1996. Their first album, "Semivintage", was released on Solana Records at the end of 1994, and has been met with positive responses from national press and local radio.

The Mudkats are a three-piece band from San Francisco. Guitarist/vocalist Eric Friedmann and bassist/vocalist Jon Luini founded the band in August 1993 from the remnants of Santa Cruz popsters The Jones Band, along with Steve Schneider on guitar and vocals, and Brad Canton on drums. Schneider and Canton went on to greener pastures, and Scott Van Schoick took over as drummer in the spring of 1994. Since then they have performed primarily in the Bay Area at such venues as New George's, Club Boomerang, The Nightbreak, Edinburgh Castle, Blake's, The Bottom Of The Hill, Coco Club, The Paradise Lounge, Doc Ricketts' Lab in Monterey, The Last Day Saloon, The Cocodrie, and many others.

Friedmann works as a staff engineer and producer at Doug Carlson Productions, a 32-track digital recording studio in San Francisco, and also plays in The Brandi Shearer Band. Luini co-founded the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) in 1994, and has gone on to co-found MediaCast, which broadcasts live concerts over the Internet. He is also executive vice president and regular contributing writer for the online magazine Addicted To Noise.

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