BAM - Beat Attitudes Music
Issue #471 / November 3, 1995
p. 25 / "Local Music Focus" / Denise Sullivan

The Mudkats
Solana Records

LIKE THEIR NAME IMPLIES, THE MUDKATS PLAY A BRAND OF rootsy rock that is unfashionable but never really goes out of style. They begin the disc with two covers, but it's not until the third track, their own "Back to Wonderland," that things really get going with riffs a little like those on a Love or Flamin' Groovies record (and maybe even Quicksilver on their "Cruel Thing To Do"). Things get a little unwieldy on the endless jam, "Raina Da Cappo Finally," which clocks in at 10 min. 22 sec., but there's no shame in the rest of the work that upholds the rocking guitar band tradition. Their dark electric cover of "Charlie James" won't hurt their folk blues cred, either! Contact: Solana Records, 2440 Great Highway #5, San Francisco, CA 94116

--Denise Sullivan

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