Little Kids Rock (LKR), restores and revitalizes public school music programs across the country. Chime President Jon Luini is proud to serve on LKR's SF/Bay Area Board.

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Sheila Schat
is a partner of
Chime Interactive
and manages
its nonprofit
communications division.
Sheila brings a keen sense of storytelling and communications strategy to all aspects of her work. Prior to joining Chime Interactive, Schat worked for ten years for Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, a leading community development credit union, where she developed collaborative and innovative asset building programs for underserved communities and a triple bottom line organizational commitment with effective measurement tools. Under her leadership, the organization received over $6 million in financial awards, a record in its 34-year history. She also worked for ten years as a Program Manager for the Life Balance Institute in Marin County, CA.


Sheila did an outstanding job and substantially increased the funding of Santa Cruz Community Credit Union. Her strategic approach, extensive independent research and writing skills, and her ability to shape a successful program and proposal secured nearly $6 million in grant and loan funding within a 14-month period."
Ginger McNally, Principal, Mission + Money Matters and former CEO of Santa Cruz Community Credit Union